Who We Are

Ojas Consulting is a fairly young however aficionado Business Consulting Company with widened business interest and expertise in the area of HR Consulting, Corporate Trainings, Manpower Supply & Management, PF & ESI Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Branding & Advertisement and Investment Solutions.

Combining experience, comprehensive capabilities across industries and business functions, Ojas Consulting collaborates with clients to help them become high performance businesses. By applying just the right blend of services with each project, we use flexible consultative approach that help our clients enter new markets, Increase revenues in existing markets, Improve operational performance and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently.

What We Do

The value proposition of Ojas Consulting is uncomplicated - we work with you as a virtual extension of your organization. We act not only as advisor, but also as execution partners by taking complete ownership of the end results, by evaluating your objectives, re-proposing the objectives after a brief research on the related subjects, develop the strategy to achieve the end results, breaking the strategy to actionable events & activities and execute the same in a cost effective and value addition format.